Wish your dog would listen to you?

You want a dog that sits on cue, comes when called, waits for permission to go through doors, greets people politely, is friendly towards other dogs, and walks nicely on leash...right? I can help you make that happen!

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When your work with me, your dog will learn good manners and obedience in the real world...not just in the classroom or your kitchen. I will train your dog, but more importantly...I will teach you how to train better, too. I'll work with your family members...I specialize in pet dogs and love teaching children to train. Got a new puppy? Start now! It is much easier to train a puppy during the critical period of 8-12 weeks, but no dog is too old to learn better manners.

Need help with more serious behavioral issues?

Is your dog reactive, fearful or anxious? Does she growl, lunge, and bark at other dogs or people? Most aggressive behaviors are based in fear or anxiety. Dr. Caryn can help your dog with fear, anxiety, and self-control issues. She also works closely with veterinarians if behavioral medications are necessary.

Dogs will be Dogs

Let's face it, dogs are opportunistic, social creatures. Why does it seem like our dogs train us? Because, just like 2-year-old children, they are extremely observant and persistent. We end up accidentally reinforcing the very behaviors we want to extinguish...such as jumping on people, pulling on leash, nipping, barking, etc. Given the opportunity, all dogs will steal food off the counter. Licking, nipping, mouthing, and growling are all normal dog behaviors. Call Dr. Caryn and learn how to change your dog's normal behavior into good manners!

Dr. Caryn will help you with…

Obedience & Good Manners
Puppy Training
Therapy Dog Training
Service Dog Training
Barking & Jumping
Pulling on Leash
Nipping & Chewing
Aggressive Behaviors
Fear and Anxiety
Resource Guarding
Adoption Counseling