Has your dog bitten a person?

In just this past month, I have signed 4 new clients dealing with potentially serious behavioral issues.  Each family has hired me because their dog has bitten a person. Any dog that has bitten a person should be evaluated by a professional animal behaviorist, veterinary behaviorist, or a professional trainer with education and experience dealing with […]

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Fredericksburg Dog Mart – Oldest in America

This year, The Fredericksburg Dog Mart celebrates its 318th Anniversary.  A historic trading event took place in 1698 between the Manahoac Tribe and settlers in and around Leaseland, which would eventually become the City of Fredericksburg. Annual events would follow for years to come. Manahoacs, Pamunkey, Mattaponi, Patawomeck, and Rappahannocks traveled from miles away to trade for […]

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