Training Options & Fees

Thanks for your interest in my services. Below are examples of my training options and fees. I work personally with each client to design a program that meets your individual needs. Travel is included within a 30-mile radius of Fredericksburg or Colonial Beach.

Phone Consultations

20-Minute Initial Phone Consultation: $0. I offer a free 20-minute phone consult to get you started toward meeting your goals. Just call Dr. Caryn at (540) 287-8207.
45-Minute Phone Consultation: $50. This option is only available for minor training and behavioral problems. Please call or text me at (540) 287-8207 to request a phone consult. Be sure to include your name, phone number, and an email address so I can send you my canine intake form, which must be completed prior to the phone consult.

Caroline Animal Hospital

Call Dr. Caryn at (540) 287-8207 to see when next class or in-office consult is available!

Private Personalized Training

Private Consultation and Evaluation in Your Home: One 90-minute session in your home: $175. Includes follow-up via phone & email with instructions and recommendations. Call Dr. Caryn at (540) 287-8207 to schedule an appointment.

Follow-up Session may be booked individually at $125 per hour.  Multiple Follow-up Sessions may be booked in advance at a discounted rate.

New Puppy Training Options

New Puppy In-Home Special $575 Six 60-minute training sessions in your home. For puppies and their people during the critical socialization period (0-12 weeks).

New Puppy Day-Training: $995  Standard 4-Week Option for Foundation Skills, Good Manners, and Socialization.  I will pick up your puppy two days each week and take him or her out for combination training and socialization outings (8 outings total). Recommended for busy adults who do not have time to train and socialize their new puppy during the critical socialization period (8-12 weeks).

New Puppy Board & Train: $1995 Standard 3-Week Option for Foundation Skills, Good Manners, and Socialization.  Your dog will spend 4-5 days with me, living in my home (not a kennel) learning what you need him or her to learn and doing 2-3 socialization outings each week…then your dog will return home to spend 2-3 days with you so you can work with the newly learned behaviors, and take your puppy on additional socialization outings. Then the process will repeat.  The standard program includes 12-15 days of board and train, pick-up and return each week, plus a 30-minute owner training and “hand-off” after each of the three stays with me.

Older Puppy and Adult Dog Training Options

Obedience & Good Manners Special $650  Six 60-minute sessions in your home. Schedule and training are personalized to address your specific needs.

Behavior Modification Special $875 Eight 60-minute sessions in your home and in public places. Schedule and training are personalized to address your specific needs.

Therapy & Service Dog Special $995 Ten 60-minute sessions.  Service Dog Training is a long-term personalized training program based on dog’s age, temperament, and current level of training.


Evaluation Clinics, Seminars, and Workshops

      • Evaluation clinics, seminars, and workshops are designed and personalized to meet your group’s individual needs. Small group workshops include dogs. Larger group seminars are for people only and may include a few demo-dogs.
      • AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Evaluation Clinics: $25 per dog-handler team.
      • Doggone Safe’s Be A Tree Bite Prevention Presentation: $100 flat rate – discounts available.
      • Family Paws Parent Education: $25 per person or $40 per couple – discounts available.
      • Seminars & Workshops for Veterinary Offices, Shelters, Kennels, and Rescue Organizations: Call for quote.

Discounts are available for non-profit organizations and low-income households. Please contact me with your questions!