Dr. Caryn’s Reviews

Click on the links above for reviews posted directly to Facebook, Google, and Thumbtack.  Below are additional reviews received from satisfied clients via the Karen Pryor Academy and personal messages.

Thank you SO MUCH for coming to my apartment to help me with Kobe. I feel very confident that the negative behaviors we were encouraging will be corrected with patience, love and the "clicker." The kids worked with him tonight, and enjoyed watching Kobe respond without any cues. I am so happy I continued to search online which led me to your information. I honestly feel you're the perfect one for us. I'm going to tell all my friends about you. I've retired the pincher collar as well. -Michelle H., Stafford County VA

Dr. Caryn Self-Sullivan is an outstanding animal training professional. Her gentle behavior modification technique perfectly fit our personal attitude toward humane animal treatment. After just her first visit she assured us that the goals we have for our six dogs were attainable and she provided clear training guidance that we could practice ourselves. We eagerly look forward to continuing with her effective guidance for both our dogs and us as well. She is just the professional we were looking for. -Millard and Mary C., Spotsylvania County VA

Dr. Caryn has helped many of my patients and their owners work out their problems. She has helped owners modify behavior for aggression issues and fear issues with positive reinforcement and compassion. She is an excellent teacher and trainer and I recommend her highly. -Dr. Deborah Grissom, Caroline Animal Hospital

Dr Caryn is an excellent trainer. She is extremely patient with the pets and especially the owner. I learned so much from her positive reinforcement method, She is also a wonderful resource on all things "dog." She is also a brilliant, kind and caring person who is so easy to be around. I can't say enough good things about my entire experience with Dr. Caryn. Give her a try! -Melissa L., Stafford County VA

Caryn had one session with me and my two dogs. She, in that one session, gave me the guidance needed to stop my dogs from walking me, to my walking them! She was professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend her. -Ione T., Stafford County VA

I cannot say enough good things about working with Caryn to train our dogs. She has gone above and beyond my expectations in training and improving the dog/human relationship. Through her I have learned how smart and eager to please our dogs really are. Her positive methods of training (people and dogs) really work. I wholeheartedly recommend her services. -Linda J., Spotsylvania County VA

Congratulations! Our survey of your clients has confirmed that you are consistently teaching and practicing the positive reinforcement methods required by Karen Pryor Academy. 100% of your clients said they were satisfied, very satisfied, or thrilled with your services, with the largest response being Thrilled! -Karen Pryor Academy Annual Review

I have been working with Caryn Self-Sullivan to prepare my dog for therapy work. Caryn has an abundance of patience, is always punctual, and has a great rapport with my dog. She goes above and beyond to explain and model various training techniques. I highly recommend Caryn Self-Sullivan as a dog trainer. -Mary H., Stafford County VA

Although we have only just begun working with Caryn, we are very impressed with her knowledge and qualifications! In addition, her excellent advice has already helped us to achieve many successes in our dog training that we, previously, didn't think were possible. -Anonymous, KPA 2012 Client Satisfaction Survey

Caryn has been great! Her patience is unbelievable. Thank you Caryn for everything. -Nancy B., Caroline County VA

Caryn is patient, knowledgeable and excellent at training. My dog is 'reactive' and she is one of the few people who is not afraid of him. She understands his limitations and needs. -Anonymous, 2012 KPA Client Satisfaction Survey

For me personally, the best part of working with Dr. Caryn was that she explained the theory behind what we were doing. I liked the balance between the trainer working with my dog and then having me work with my dog. The handouts were great! -Anonymous, KPA 2012 Client Satisfaction Survey

Caryn helped me to feel more confident with my dog and in my abilities to help him if he is scared or acting aggressively. There were many points that she made during the training that really affected my thoughts on why certain situations were occurring which in turn helped me to react differently and set my dog up for success. -Anonymous, KPA 2012 Client Satisfaction Survey

Dr. Caryn is wonderful at what she does. We cannot wait to be able to set up more sessions with her. -Anonymous, KPA 2013 Client Satisfaction Survey

Caryn is fantastic, both with our dog and with us. We were in a very stressful situation with our puppy biting, and it was spiraling downward. We have gotten on an upward spiral now, thanks to Caryn. She has been a calming, positive influence on all of us. -Anonymous, KPA 2013 Client Satisfaction Survey

Dr. Caryn has an obvious love for dogs that is evident in her interactions with them. She gave me some very valuable tips that have greatly helped me in deepening my own relationship with my dog. -Anonymous, KPA 2013 Client Satisfaction Survey

Caryn came to us within the first 2 weeks of our family getting a new pet. She gave us advice on selecting a dog and then engaged the entire family in training. We were impressed with her knowledge and different techniques she would suggest to reach our training goals! -Cara P., Caroline County VA

Amazing what Caryn was able to accomplish in such a short time. Caryn is very patient and calm. She was very good at teaching me the mechanics of the "clicker" method; she has a positive way of correcting my mistakes as I demonstrate my progress in working with the dogs. -Anonymous, KPA 2013 Client Satisfaction Survey