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Omega Kibble Ball: Omega calls this a Tricky Treat Ball, but I call it a Kibble Ball. The large size, linked to the image, holds up to 1.5 cups of dry dog food and will keep your dog entertained for about 10 minutes. I feed all my dogs out of this ball at least once a day. It slows down your dog's consumption rate (preventing digestive system issues), and provides both mental and physical exercise. I have tested many "treat balls" and "systems" designed to prevent your dog from eating too fast. This is by far, the best!

Lightweight stainless leash with leather handle: How many leashes has your dog destroyed by chewing on them? I bought one of these years ago and still use it today when working with a dog that loves to chew on her leash!

Kurgo Journey Harness: Please read this BLOG about why your dog should never ride loose in your car!  Does your dog go places with you?  My dogs go everywhere with me, but they always ride in a crate or harnessed into the back seat.  One of my clients recently discovered the Kurgo Harnesses, which come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs.  I really like this product for comfort and safety!

Giant Varsity Ball Ultra-durable hard plastic herding ball for dogs. 110% Guaranteed Indestructible. Designed for human-free canine exercise. Made 100% in the USA. World's toughest dog toy. Used by the country's toughest working dogs and canine athletes.

Jolly Egg Hard plastic Egg shaped ball is perfect for dogs who like to chase. The ball is hard for dogs to get their mouth around and it causes it to squirt out of their mouth. This product is Manufactured in United States.

The Honest Kitchen Dog & Cat Food: Mix with warm water and let sit just 3 minutes. All the healthy benefits of feeding raw without the hassle and risk. All the dogs in my care love it...even finicky eaters who I had to hand feed dry dog food to ensure they got enough to eat! Click HERE to try THK best selling recipes for just $1. Insert Dr. Caryn's personal DISCOUNT CODE (AMBTRCS0105).


BarkBox: I'm always looking for a new products for my dogs AND my clients' dogs!  I signed up for the 12-month plan, which costs $20 per month and includes FREE Shipping.  Then I searched online for each item in my first box and calculated both the retail value and the cost at discount stores like Chewy.com and Amazon.com. BarkBox saves me at least 50% and all treats are MADE in the USA. Click HERE for a special offer from BarkBox and Dr. Caryn!

Separation Anxiety is a debilitating behavior for dogs AND their loving owners. Learn what it is, and is not. Learn how to improve your dog's ability to cope without you. Learn how to prevent it, manage it, and in many cases, change it! Learn how to improve your dog's quality of life. Can if be cured?  Maybe...if you are willing to invest your time and financial resources in training and desensitization exercises. Don't Leave Me! and I'll Be Home Soon! are great companion books for Dr. Caryn's training courses.  Click on either image to learn more and order your copy from Amazon in Paperback or Kindle format.

how-dogs-love-us_gregory-bernsHow Dogs Love Us, by Gregory Berns.  Does your dog love you? To most dog owners, this sounds like a redundant question...of course my dog loves me!  Over the past decade, research on domestic dogs has finally become an accepted academic pursuit. Learn how Dr. Gregory Berns (Emory University) trained his own dog to voluntarily enter a Functional MRI machine, and perform trained behaviors to determine whether our dogs actually love us in the same way we love them! In his ongoing research, ordinary pet dogs are trained using force-free methods including clicker training and positive reinforcement. Click on the image, or the title, to order the book from Amazon.  Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, and Audible formats.

Bones Would Rain from the Sky, by Suzanne Clothier.  From Publishers Weekly:
Clearly an animal lover, Clothier opens this training manual by recalling her childhood, when she pretended she was a dog. Rather than simply trying to "train" animals to behave in a certain way, Clothier focuses on improving the existing relationship between pet and owner. To help readers gain some insights into more effective training, Clothier offers anecdotes about her clients. Particularly important is the dog's connection to the owner and the ability of the two to communicate effectively: "In each moment that you are with the dog, you must be aware, gently and persistently shifting the balance toward one of mutual agreement and cooperation. This is not easy, and it requires some thought. Most of all, it requires a desire to create-over and over again-the event of quality, which in turn creates a heartfelt commitment to truly being with the dog." Usually Clothier begins by observing her clients interact with their pets: after one owner complained about her dog being disruptive and overly playful, Clothier concluded that the owner's way of physically stopping her dog was in fact causing the dog to be more playful. Clothier is a capable writer, and her descriptive style livens up the subject matter.
Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc. Click on the image to order the book from Amazon.  Available in Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, and Audible formats.

Essential Training Manuals: Puppy Start Right and Click to Calm, both include introductions to Clicker Training and then go on to teach you how to use your clicker skills to train and socialize a young puppy or modify your dog's reactive behaviors. Great companion books for Dr. Caryn's training courses.

Unfenced Yard? Need to train a reliable recall? Want to train fetch? Then this Mendota long-line is a training must!  I use a the 50-foot (3/8" diameter) with my clients.  Click the image to order from Amazon.com.  Be sure to select the size that best suits your needs.

Understanding canine behavior through the lens of emotion.  For the Love of a Dog is one of my all time favorite reads by one of my all time favorite professionals, Dr. Patricia McConnell.  Animal Madness is a collection of stories about dogs, and other animals with serious emotional issues...these are rare, but they are real!  Great companion books for Dr. Caryn's training courses.

Need more clickers?  When you train with Dr. Caryn, she always includes a clicker or two.  But, it's nice to have extras.  Keep one in your pocket, one in your car, one in the kitchen, and one near both the front and back door.  Remember: ONLY click to mark the instant your dog does something right!  Begin treat delivery immediately AFTER you click.  No treats nearby?  Just say, "come on, let's get a treat" and start walking towards the kitchen to begin treat delivery. Your dog will understand!  Click image to order from Amazon.com.

Want to advance your targeting skills?  When you train with Dr. Caryn, she always includes a clicker and she always teaching you and your dog about targeting, an essential foundation skill that enables you to improve good manners and/or teach advanced skills. This fabulous tool enables you to training targeting with just one hand because the clicker is built into the telescoping target! Click image to order from Amazon.com.

Should I walk my dog on a harness?  A good front clip harness, like this Easy Walk, encourages dogs to walk beside you instead of in front of you.  Front clip harnesses are more expensive and come in a variety of styles.  Check these out at Amazon.com.

Many of my clients have upgraded to the Freedom No-Pull Harness, which is available here:  http://www.freedomnopullharness.com. Even if you dog walks nicely on a collar, it's always best to secure them with a Car Harness.  The safest place for your dog to "car ride" is ALWAYS in the back seat!

Clients are always asking me about what type of collar to purchase. I recommend martingale collars for most dogs. They are available from several manufacturers on Amazon.com, the one shown is by Country Brook Design, which has a huge variety of patterns and sizes. For a little higher quality and a "no chew guarantee", check out the Lupine Martingale Collars. I avoid choke collars and electric collars as they can cause damage to your dog's neck over time.  Plus they emphasize a training method based in positive punishment rather than positive reinforcement!

My favorite portable indoor exercise pen for barrier, border, and threshold training.  Each panel is connected to the next with velcro hinges so it can be arranged in a circle (shown here), or as a barrier to span longer distances in open floor plans, or taken apart to create shorter barriers for normal doorways. I teach my clients how to use exercise pens and gates to train their dogs to "respect" the barrier and "wait" for permission to go through. Note:  this item has been out of stock lately, the alternatives don't come apart for use as barriers.