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Fireworks, Thunder, and Dahlgren...oh my!

Many of my customers and clients have dogs who are terrified by low frequency sounds such as fireworks and thunder. Here in Colonial Beach, these sounds are NOT limited to summertime. The "Sound of Freedom" as we call it locally, is heard several days a week throughout the year. The source? The NSWC Dahlgren Test Range. If your dog suffers from low frequency sound phobia, what can you do? A lot, actually.

First, listen to this radio show with Dr. Jeff Nichol, DVM, ABQ Journal Contributor & Thrive Pet Healthcare Specialist, who talks about soothing your pet with all the scary Booming!

Second, give me a call to schedule an evaluation and create a personalized plan.

In the mean time, be prepared...

  • Go to the Potomac River Test Range Schedule so you know what, when and where. Or listen to our local community radio station, WWER 88.1, which airs the PSA "Boom Report" daily. Listen LIVE on your FM Radio, via TUNE IN, or Online.

  • Put the schedule on your personal calendar and make plans to protect your dog in advance. Take your dog for a ride! Perhaps to a dog-friendly business or park in Montross, Warsaw, King George, or Stafford. The goal is to move your dog to a different location during the testing aware that the sound from testing varies by test, AND by your location in Town. Some tests are louder along the river, others along Monroe Bay/Creek, others on The Point, and others in Classic Shores.

  • Listen to the local weather reports so you know when thunderstorms are likely.

  • This is difficult during the 4th of July holiday because fireworks are EVERYWHERE! So, start working on a plan for next year, today. Listen to Dr. Jeff's show, linked above, and give me a call at (540) 287-8207 to schedule an evaluation and create a personalized plan!

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